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Synology DiskStations Complete Backup Solutions Now include Apple Time MachineBenefits of Synology Backup Solutions

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In today's digital world, everyone has data that needs to be safely stored and backed up. For many, this means a manual copy to an external hard drive that still runs the risk of drive failure. Automatic, redundant backup keeps documents, photos, critical business data, and all other files safe from drive failure and frees the user from manual backups. From home users with one computer to a system administrator with an office-full, backup is a need that every level of computer user has a need for.

For most, a backup solution involves manually copying files to an external USB hard drive with a frequency of "when I remember to." This is obviously not an ideal solution for anyone, but until recently the alternative options were slim. With affordable network-attached storage (NAS) options on the market the convenience of automated backup is available to everyone. As NAS devices continue to adapt to users preferences, NAS like Synology DiskStations support multiple platforms simultaneously providing Mac, PC, and Linux computers to access and reap the benefit if network-attached storage.

Mac Backup with Time Machine

Support for Apple Time Machine is included with DiskStation Manager, available for every Synology Disk and Rack Station. Mac users that want the peace of mind automatic, redundant backup provides and want to use the built-in backup client Apple Time Machine, any Synology DiskStation will appear as an available volume Time Machine can use as a backup target. This is done without having to alter the parameters of the operating system (Leopard and above) or without the use of other hardware, making it a fast and easy solution to data backup and recovery.

Data Replicator for PC Backup

Synology Data Replicator, backup software provided free with every Synology DiskStation, relieves the burden of manual file copy from the users shoulders.

Data Replicator can be easily set to automatically backup specified folders on a Windows computer to a RAID configured Synology DiskStation to protect against forgetful users and disk failure in one step. By simply scheduling Data Replicator 3 for daily, weekly, or monthly backup data can be redundantly stored for maximum protection. In addition to scheduled backup Data Replicator 3 provides the option to immediately back up if important files should not wait until the next automatic cycle or the system can automatically sync when files are created or changed. In Windows XP and higher, files can be backed up while open, which is a must-have feature for Outlook Mail folders and frequently-used documents or projects.

For a system administrator in an office environment, Data Replicator saves time and worry. While routinely backing up an entire offices data, Windows ADS support in DiskStation Manager means all users on a network will have automatically generated, privatized folders on the DiskStation for their backup target. For those frequently out of the office, Data Replicator can also be set to automatically find the backup server upon return and secure files that have been created or changed since the last sync, saving time and money by protecting against data loss.

Local Backup

System administrators that require a portable backup solution used to use tape devices and were forced to constantly change the tape and store offsite. An easier solution is to use attach a USB or eSATA external drive to a Synology DiskStation and schedule automatic backups. Two external drives can be cycled and physically stored offsite to provide separate backups in case of theft or natural disaster. As with other methods of backup with Synology DiskStations, the local backup may be scheduled during off hours to system resources are not used during high-traffic times and backups will complete in a timely manner.

Network Backup

Beyond automatic backups and RAID configurations and for those who are unable to manually transport an external drive offsite, network back over a LAN or the internet is an ideal solution to offsite backup. Whether sitting directly next to the source DiskStation, in another room at the office, or in an entirely different building, backup across a LAN is painless with Synology DiskStations. Creating a wholly separate redundant copy of critical company data provides yet another layer of security for those files that simply cannot be lost.

Network Backup

Network Backup Via rsync

Similar to the network backup functionality, system administrators that prefer to back up to a Unix/Linux environment or in some cases a Windows server, the rsync protocol is supported in Synology DiskStations. The network backup function built-in to DiskStation Manager is based on rsync, but for a more customizable backup solution veteran Unix/Linux administrators can route their Synology DiskStations over the LAN or internet to target any server with rsync capability. As an aging system can be recommissioned as the target server, it has the potential to save a system administrator time and money.

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